Field of Ponies was established in 2013 by Julie Berube aka Motherpony, who has over 20 years experience in the high end fashion industry as a designer, pattern cutter and garment maker.

Field of Ponies is a dialogue between soft and hard. Edgy yet comfortable, assertive yet non-sexual, rude but cute. The brand has been attracting fashion dissidents for nearly a decade.

Field of Ponies’s narrative is drawn from musings on civilisation and its imminent implosion, making us reflect on our inability as humans to identify with nature.

Field of Ponies was created as an act of rebellion against the fashion industry, with its relentless, fast-paced demands, strict calendar and pressures on natural and human resources. All our products are made in London in small quantities.

When supporting Field of Ponies, you are acquiring a timeless and unique piece that has been through the hands of people who care. You are always welcome to contact us for care advice, styling advice, repair and end of life of your garment.

The brand has worked with artists such as Zand, Bambie Thug, Yeule, Ashnikko and more.