What is FoP?

FIELD of PONIES is an independent London based label, which embodies a post-apocalyptic take on fashion. The brand uses current street wear trends to distort our reality and project an aesthetic that is both distorted and humorous.

FIELD of PONIES is designed and made almost entirely by hand by Julie Bérubé AKA Mother Pony.

FIELD of PONIES' commitment to reduce waste is to produce items one by one when orders come in. This prevents the accumulation of unsold stock and the problem of textiles in landfills. I use organic materials when possible, which now amounts to around 80% of the production. I buy small quantities of fabrics and make sure I use it all up by reusing them over several collections. Nothing is wasted and it also pushes me to be even more creative by inventing new ways to reusing the same materials. Some products are made in small numbers by local factories. Everything is produced to the highest quality. I have 17 years experience in high fashion, including design, production and development. Now you can do your part by wearing these clothes for many years and looking after them by washing them in cold short wash cycles, and use bio detergent.

I style and art direct all the content related to the brand. Over the years, I have developed my own styling language that I like to qualify as "bad styling" using the lifeless character of basic fabrics such as jersey and sweatshirt, I have started to exaggerate the proportions, or work in weird layering in order to create silhouettes and shapes. The result is an ongoing conversation in surrealism where humour and darkness co-exist.


The narrative of Field of Ponies is drawn from reflections on civilisation and its imminent implosion. As we witness the death of our planet, we are also artificially enhancing ourselves to create our best selfies. 

Fully aware we resist, shielding ourselves more than ever. We wish to morph into aliens, witches, mermaids, unicorns, monsters, anything but mere humans. Humans have always strive to dissociate and remove themselves from nature. Could it be that now we have no choice but to accept our primal ancestry and accept our “less-than-special” place on this Earth? 

Field of Ponies aims to explore and delve deeper into these modern questionings, with each season aligning itself into one seamless story, releasing its chapters one at a time. Using traditional crafting techniques such as quilting, hand stitching, stuffing, and appliqués, Field Of Ponies aesthetic is modern and draws upon the latest sportswear trends. With this style reflecting uniformity among the young, global, fashion oriented, we want more than ever to belong. To find our tribe.